Kids Icarus

by Kids Icarus

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released January 9, 2011

Kids Icarus is:
Brian Bellitto - Vocals
Dave Woltmann - Drums
Adam Sahlin - Guitars
Marco Corsino - Guitars
Derek Andersen - Bass

All songs written and produced by Kids Icarus. Recorded, Engineered and Mixed by Jeffrey Weed at Sonic Environments in Bloomfield, CT. Mastered by Chris Barry.

Crew Vocals were: Jay Aust, Jay Haas, Sean Martin, Chris Teti, Justin O'Neill, Mike Woiten, Ryan Curtin, Brian Bellitto, Marco Corsino, Derek Andersen and Adam Sahlin.

Artwork by Adam Sahlin. Photo by Derek Andersen.

Special thanks to: Jeffrey Weed, Chris Barry, Matt Sottile, Jay Aust, Ryan White, James Carroll, John Myles White, Geoff Bahre, John Ross, and Josh Brunetti.



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Kids Icarus Farmington, Connecticut

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Track Name: It's On Me
Screaming out our voices. Sincere word for word, but still we go unheard. And so we long for asphault anchors and for the sounds we make to pave the roads we take. We're working dead end jobs and sporting empty pockets. Stuck where we are we're all new faces in old lockets. Where do we go from here? I wish that I could say I knew. I want to be forgotten. I want to fade away. Waiting for the day where we can finally say we're going to start living our lives our way. I want to be forgotten. I want to fade away. Things seem so much easier when I have something real to say. And we beg the pages turn to a part worth reading. Where every sentence is a second chance at breathing. Where do we go from here? I wish that I could say I knew, but when this book ends I hope it's something that was worth reading through.
Track Name: Down And Out
The smiles you couldn't fake, the drama and the fights you couldn't take, all the friends you thought would care, in the end they were never there. Everything seems to be stuck on repeat, headed further down another dead end street. You find yourself everywhere except where you want to be. Once you get a chance at the world alone, I hope you make your way back home. So sick of the way the past plays in your head, where familiar voices are something you dread. Leaves litter the ground where you stand. Slow down, somethings up, I guess the set up's on me. I should have known. Blank pages that you were pretending to leave, you took it slow. I'm here for interrogation of the disease - no symptoms show. Hometowns: growing forests we disguised with the trees.
Track Name: Monster
Brought into the world blessed with the killers disease, thoughts of violence would put his mind at ease. He wrote the words so long overdue, "If there was a god he wouldn't let me feel the way I do." If I could go back, I'd reach out my hand to rid the thoughts that plagued his mind. Who knows what could have been if his revenge came a different way. Years of anger and misplaced quarrels. All his actions were deemed immoral. He was the one who fired the shot, but who put the gun in his hands? Drowned in despair, no god would answer his prayers. Voices inside his head were all singing along, "This is where it all goes wrong." Horror teems where love is lost.
Track Name: Firework
I wish that we could all go back to when it was us against the world. Before it fell apart we once said, "Forever and always we'd confide," knowing you'd never leave my side. Everyone I once knew have become ghosts - the ones I loved and hated. They all took off and left it all behind. Abandoned, I'm alone all the time. Every time you change I stay the same. I spend my nights cursing your name. My friends all sold their lives away. They turned their backs for a better pay. Every time I trust that you'll be there, I'm always let down. I wish I could say I never say this coming, but I knew it all along.